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Leadership, the awakening waiting to happen!

It is no longer why but when and how. Read further, if you are interested to awaken it, now.

Demystifying leadership

We are conditioned to think that leadership is reserved only for a select few. The truth is that all of us have to awaken the leader within because there is no choice but to do so.

The word ‘lead’ has in itself the word ‘led’ that could be interpreted as the ability to understand the situation and decide whether to ‘lead’ or content ‘being led!’ The very thought of ‘being led’ is unthinkable to those who think leadership is an entitlement.

Leadership is not an inheritance but leaving behind a legacy that ‘serves as a steppingstone’ rather than a stumbling block for the successor.

Leadership is not attained by obtaining certificates on the same, but it is a conscious journey that one undertakes to only discover that one had / has no choice but to awaken it within!

Also, the secret of leadership is lies beyond the terms ‘lead’ or ‘be led’ but in leading oneself; on observing which others choose to be led by us. Thus, it is an inclusive idea that is a privilege and not a right.

Finally, these concepts should percolate into our day-to-day life and reflect in our family as well as social life. When this happens then alone is the journey of leadership is real, else, we would live under the illusion that leadership is only for corporate life.

Like how we inspire and take people along at work, we need to do it at all walks of life. It is after all just a role we choose to play for bringing the best out of us and others. Nothing more.... Similar to the game of chess, once the play is over, all the 6 types of pieces go into the same box!

So, are you ready for this journey of awakening the leader within? Talk to Krishna or someone whom you trust, right away. All the best.


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