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5 Practical reasons to relax...

Relaxation helps us to rejuvenate, reinvent and relaunch ourselves, again and again...

Why Relaxation?

The spouse that supports, the child that feels that you are their superstar, the friend that needs, the parents who adore, the adversary that admires... you can provide what they are looking out for only when you are calm, collected and relaxed.

“Relaxation is like fermentation. It helps you to grow, expand and be ready to be usable by you as well as by those whom you wish to give license to do so!”

The 5 practical reasons!

1. Accept that the World would move on despite you.

2. Understand that you need not be understood every time by everybody.

3. Manage your emotions because no one is bothered about it.

4. Unique, yes you are unique. So are your problems and their solutions.

5. Always there is next time. We are trying to scale eternity in our infinite stupidity.

So, Just relax...

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