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Towards Sustained Success

Krishna Prakash

Sustained success is achieved when one discovers their core strengths and utilize that with discernment.

Story so far...

Krishna has 20+ years of diverse work experience across IT, consulting, hospitality, academia & entrepreneurship. 


Since 2005, some of the individuals who have sought Krishna's guidance include: one of the best female golfer in its history, one of the winners of the prestigious euro-money awards, an internationally reputed voice culture specialist, a drummer of a celebrated international band, a female pop sensation, an awarded opera singer, a PS to the CEO of a top IT company, a few life coaches and scores of professionals from across industries, levels as well as Countries.

The present venture Shrimath Yoga was started in 2011. By 2012, its philosophy that there is more to prosperity than just money was discussed at Babson's College (US), the #1 MBA college for Entrepreneurship since 1992 and subsequently Shrimath's social media accounts were started by the team led by Ranju Ravikumar

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To enable people to unlock their inherent potential and experience sustained success in life and, business or profession that vibrates to their core strengths.

Since 2014, Shrimath Yoga secured CERTIFICATE OF EXCELLENCE for 5 consecutive years and in 2019 entered the HALL OF FAME at TripAdvisor, the World's premier travel rating company. This is a rare honour for any YOGA SCHOOL.


In mid 2020, amidst the pandemic, purely based on the body of reviews, TripAdvisor awarded Shrimath with the prestigious TRAVELLERS CHOICE 2020, a privilege reserved for the top 10% hotels / resorts of the World.

The ideas, concepts and principles that helped him to take Shrimath to the top and allowed it to stay there (for 7 years now) is being shared in his programs / workshops / courses. Thus, Krishna provides not just a theoretical approach (WHAT) but the practical way (HOW) to reach and stay at the top in whichever one sets out to do in life & business.


Thinking too much about future results in anxiety and not planning about future is recklessness.

Depending too much on others opinion is poisonous and being indifferent to wise counsel is suicidal.

To avoid the above scenarios, one should discover their core strengths. For many, it could be only one strength, yet it is important to discover that.

Krishna enables his clients to discover their core strengths and ensures they board the flight to sustained success through (1) deep listening, (2) instilling self-belief and (3) being a confidant.

Ultimately the work has to be done by the client, but clarity of vision and purpose of the mission is assured by Krishna, just like what his namesake did with Arjuna, a good 5000+ years before.

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