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Foray into Workshop space

Prof Michael Ray of Graduate School of Business at the Stanford University is the co-creator of the course Creativity in Business. With his permission, since 2001, Krishna has been offering this workshop to discerning audience.

The other areas that he has extensively been working are Stress Management, Work Life Balance, Creating Abundance, Emotional Resilience and Self Leadership. All these workshops offered as a blend of Indic Wisdom with Today's Needs.

Lifelong learning

Krishna met his Master Sri in 1997. Sri belongs to the last 5 year batch of IIT Madras who has sat at the feet of living Masters to assimilate the essence of Indian Traditional Scriptural Wisdom and is an adept in sharing the same to audience brought up only in modern education system. Krishna is blessed to follow the foot steps of His Master.

Living Testimony

Implementing the principles and the processes that he been sharing with others, Shrimath Yoga has grown to be one of the most sought after Yoga Schools in the World. Awards from TripAdvisor - Traveller's Choice 2020, Hall of Fame 2019 and Certificate of Excellence since 2014. His students and workshop participants from more than 40 countries continue to work with him.

Creativity in Business & Life


The workshop series that started of as an email course in 2001 with participants from Apple, HP, Wipro, Infosys etc., Later professionals, entrepreneurs, students and those who wished to apply creativity in daily life studied in large numbers. This workshop series completed 20 years in 2021.

Options: Level 1 (60 minutes), Level 2 (90 minutes) & Level 3 (120 minutes)


Stress Management

Intex Cloud Swift_20160625_171237.jpg

For many years, this was one of the most sought after modules at Wipro's Hands-on Leadership program. Now, Kavitha Rao of Learners Route provides us of a lot of opportunities. Many organisations, individuals, entrepreneurs have completed this workshop and continue to engage us.


Options: Level 1 (60 minutes), Level 2 (90 minutes) & Level 3 (120 minutes)


Work Life Balance


The modern education system and lifestyle has somehow been looked down as an enemy whenever this topic 'Work Life Balance' comes up for discussion. Whereas it is not so if one can implement a few concepts from Indic systems that help to pursue ambitions without compromising either peace & togetherness of family life or success in profession/ business.

Options: Level 1 (60 minutes) & Level 2 (90 minutes)


Emotional Resilience


For the smooth sailing in the ocean of life it is important to understand how to tackle the waves of emotions that most of the times tend to destabilize the journey of life. This workshop offers a blend of ancient solutions and modern approaches to develop and be an emotionally resilient person. Of late organizations are offering this to their important teams.

Options: Level 1 (60 minutes), Level 2 (90 minutes) & Level 3 (120 minutes)


Building Immunity


Since March 2020, Krishna is offering the FREE 60 minute Building Immunity workshop​, initially to Shrimath Yoga's course participants from 40+ Countries and gradually to any group of 30+ participants who wished to build immunity in these testing times. The techniques offered by him are now being scientifically validated by prestigious institutions & journals like IIT Madras, NCBI et., Do write to us if you wish to organize it for your organization, gated community, apartment owner association. Till now 10,000+ have benefitted from the same.

Duration: 60 minutes

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