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The best gift that we can give!

Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Can we sow seeds today to harvest better mental health?

Fear and death are great levelers. With the advent of corona, many of us are being pushed to ground ourselves in reality as each of us is its probable candidate!

Likewise the lock down necessitated by corona is making us, without exceptions, to look eye to eye with uncertainty (on future). Thus,consciously working on our mental health becomes imperative. Only if we are prepared, can we help others!

Adding to this, we (students to CXOs to entrepreneurs) are forced to sit and stare at the monitor for long hours. This is going to result in a host of other health issues at all levels.

Probably, one of the best ways to undergo, overcome, harness and benefit from the present situation is to follow certain guidelines

1) Identify a BUDDY who is a good listener (and try to be a good LISTENER a well)

3) PRIORITIZE (tasks) based on NEEDS

4) Travel and / or spend ONLY IF there is a need

5) To survive, we will anyway upskill or upgrade our professional skills but it is more important to learn and practice some HOLISTIC techniques that help you to explore and be at peace with our 'inner self'

6) RESPECT - self, others and environment

7) Learn to FORGIVE and SEEK forgiveness

The simplest way to start is to have a theme for the day. This approach would help us to stay focussed and without saying, help us to manage mental health, as well.

The next step that you can do NOW is to decide theme for each day of the week from the above list. These guidelines, ideally, should be treated as examples. These are given to provoke you to think for yourselves and make a list based on your need.

So, which theme / guideline you wish to start with?

PS: identify 1 seed on your own

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