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Just change ... to stay relevant!

Updated: Jun 10, 2020

A matured mind, sheds likes & dislikes, alike, like how a tree effortlessly sheds dry leaves.

The mature mind sincerely attempts to adapt to situations and people by reorganizing itself to reflect truth. At the same time it ensures that the individual is helped to stamp his or her individuality on these very situations and people.

Embrace ChAngE

The only changeless concept in the cosmos is the concept of change. The cells that we woke up with on our last birthday have given way to new cells. As this change is happening more at a micro level, beyond our present levels of perception, we do not appreciate the need to accept the need to change, reinvent to stay relevant.

“What we see as a butterfly today, was a moth once. What we taste as curd today, was milk yesterday!”

None of us can be a finished product because learning is a life long process. We can only upgrade and upskill ourselves to stay relevant to ourselves and others in the journey of life. An open mindset is the license we give ourselves to stay relevant.

If you pause and think, you will note that we are capable of change when it happens without our knowledge or when it is beyond our present levels of perception. But when it is pointed out by others, despite their best intentions, our 'little' ego gets hurt and we refuse to accept the need to change.

How to train our mind to "embrace change to stay relevant?"

1. NOW, fix an appointment with yourself. Take 5 deep breaths.

2. Ask yourselves what inspires you in life and work?

3. Ask whether you are consciously contributing to keep the fire of inspiration on, always.

4. Dig out your personal traits that help or hinder, to embrace change and stay relevant.

5. If you are not equipped to deal with these traits, talk to a life coach or a life catalyst, NOW.


Our cosmos is built in a way that each of us are its co-creators. It is a huge complex web of interconnected minds. So, if we change, the cosmos also changes!

So, what are your waiting for? Set out to educate and train your mind to embrace change to stay relevant!

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