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Are you ready for Entrepreneurship?

42% of ventures fail to take off because they do not cater to the need of the society.

Do what comes naturally to you. The more you do this, the more the entrepreneur in you will start blossoming...

Is your business idea in line with the need of the society? Is your innate skill set in line with this chosen idea? If yes is your answer to both these questions, then you are almost ready!

The 5 point checklist

1. Take 20 minutes to list down your goals - unabashed and unedited; wild entries... encouraged!

2. Switch off. Go for a walk or hum a song or take a shower or nap or anything you feel like

3. Relax. Once your breathing is normal, tick the goals that are in line with your natural inclination (hint: a dog should only try to bark and not meow!)

4. Collate information on the goal that is the closest to your natural inclination

5. Just ACT on it with common sense as the only yard stick

Success story

In 2011, this author used "the 5 point checklist." The result, Shrimath Yoga, which since 2013 with students from 40 countries is the only Yoga school in the top #3 at TripAdvisor. This year, Shrimath Yoga has entered the "Hall of Fame" i.e. the top rated for 5 consecutive years.

Be unabashedly original, respect opinions but take your own decisions

Remember, people will tell these two sentences irrespective of your success or failure:

(1) I 100% know it will happen like this and (2) I told you so... So, just do it!

What are you waiting for? Do the 5 point checklist, NOW!

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