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5 secrets to finding happiness

Understanding our true nature is the only way to unlock the secrets of happiness. In fact there is only one secret!!!

Seeking happiness outside of us is like a mirage.

Everyday, yet another, calendar sheet is torn and 24 hours handed over to us. People and situations continue to puzzle us endlessly. Many of us even doubt whether is there something called "HAPPINESS."

“Happiness is bound to be an endless journey when searched outside but it our very nature when understood from within”

By design, we are outward looking. Our senses are tuned to take inputs from the ephemeral world. The key is to understand that whatever happens outside, the reaction happens from within. So it is important to know the secrets to finding happiness

The 5 secrets to finding happiness

1. Happiness is our natural state. Is this is a wild statement? No, no sane person wishes to be sad because deep within he or she knows that happiness is our natural state

2. Happiness is enjoying the present moment without the hangovers of the past and the expectations of the future, because, logically, past and future are not real, now

3. Happiness is the state of mind developed by constantly reminding oneself to be grateful

4. Happiness is not a product of comparison as what makes one happy need not necessarily make others happy. Instead of trying to make others happy, shine as an epitome of happiness as people learn from examples than sermons

5. Happiness is a conscious choice despite the absence or presence of a situation or a person or an object

6. Stop finding fault. Stop analyzing why there are 6 secrets when the heading says 5. Now you got it, right? So, what are you waiting for? Just be happy...

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